Rachel Meuler


HIVEMIND is a collaborative, mixed-media, site-specific window installation created by Rachel Meuler and Visakh Menon for the storefron windows of Shag Brooklyn.

A hive mind or group mind may refer to a number of uses or concepts, ranging from positive to neutral and pejorative. Examples include:



Freedom to Live 2013

Freedom to Live is a two person collaborative exhibit created in response to Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, presented by Art Connects New York.  The above link leads to an online document of the exhibit, including video and explanatory text.  Photo credit Kris Graves




I began this piece at the Teacher Institute in Contemporary Art (TICA) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) during a week-long studio intensive residency in July of 2012, and finished it in my studio in Long Island City, NY later that summer.  I wanted to place the hybrid characters I have been creating within a historical context, and use this to question standards of beauty.  To this end I appropriated compositions from master paintings representing Venus by Ingres, Titian, Manet, and Gentileschi, replacing their characters with my own.  The above link leads to more information about TICA, and below is the finished piece, Untitled (Hybrid conversation with Venus), 2012.  Mixed media on canvas, 5' x 15'.  Photo credit Kris Graves